About Us

Bonehead Promotions provides graphic design, website design and maintenance, website hosting, and social media consulting to help your business get the most out of it’s advertising budget.  We specialize in helping any business improve the quality of their advertising.   We specialize in helping the small business design graphics, web sites, and digital management that makes you look  like a million dollars, at a price that fits your budget.

Bonehead Promotions provides over 40 years of advertising/marketing experience, that includes radio, television, and more importantly, digital marketing.

Our creative staff can design a campaign, or put together a winning promotion to bring your business “front and center” to the customers you seek.

Whether it’s a photographer for your event, or photos for a little league team,  or managing your social media with graphics and more, Bonehead Promotions delivers the highest quality of service.

Develop a relationship today with Bonehead Promotions, and let us help you be more successful.  We’re more interested in your success and won’t let money get in the way of your needs.

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